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[korean food] spam and onion jeon (korean spam onion pancake)

4 servings Within 30 minutes
Onions 2 , Spam 1/2 , Shallots 1 Zoom , Qingyang pepper 1 , Eggs 2 , Fried flour 1 / 2cup , Pepper slightly ,
Optional ingredients
Soy sauce 2T , Vinegar 1T , Water 1T , Pepper slightly ,
Onions are ready to shine sliced into rings.2 onions
Spam is crushing and shallots are songsong Chengyang Slice peppers and onions in dajyeoseo ready.Dog Spam 2.1, shallots 1 Zoom 1 Qingyang pepper, 2 onions
Ball prepared as spam mashed vegetables, 1 egg, beomurinda put pepper.Pepper to tasteball
Put the prepared onion rings on sanitary vinyl coated powder into the ups and downs.Fried flour 1 / 2cupSanitary plastic
Fried onion rings buried in a powder coated with egg water.1 egg
It surrounds the oil in a preheated pan and fill up the onion rings in a beomurin.
It kept the landscaping and complete back and forth.선택 재료로 초간장을 곁들여 완성한다.