Logger Script

Dumplings gratin

1 servings Within 15 minutes
Frozen dumplings, please put the baking container and cover with wrap returned two minutes in the microwave
Maybe it is a little ripe buns later halved naejupnida feel the scissors I bought a bun into the Qingyang pepper
Give plenty of rub evenly with tomato sauce available, please con corn also sprinkle evenlyInstead, I use ketchup tomato sauce doendapnida
Jusiguyo up standing demurely pop the eggs one
wants to eat a meal substitute deundeunhage I can skip if I put the eggsEgg yolk, it may explode enters the microwave to pop a little sense!
Raise me that piece of cheddar cheese sprinkled on top mozzarella is also plenty
I'm so fond of cheese posted two bongdari
Please return 3 minutes and 30 seconds in the microwave (700W)
Sprinkle parsley powder toktok give
dumpling gratin finish!